The Simple Truth: Josée Bienvenu Gallery
Solo Exhibition

Yuken Teruya The Simple Truth Josée Bienvenu Gallery ( March 5 – April 11, 2015 | Opening: Thursday, March 5, 6 – 8 pm We are pleased to announce Yuken's third solo exhibition at Josée Bie..

EFA Open House/Open Studios

Armory Arts Week 2015: EFA Open House/Open Studios ( On March 3rd, The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts will be having its Open House during Armory Arts Week. Over 60 artists in the building will have their studios open. If you are in the area..

Announcing Every Sprout Fostered: Miraime Fostering Project07-Jan-2015

I am pleased to announce that every sprout has now been fostered in “Miraime Fostering Project,” an installation of 300 sprouts to raise money to support artist projects within areas impacted by the 2011 earthquake in Japan. Thank you to everyone who purchased a sprout to join an..

ART TAIPEI 2014!30-Oct-2014

OTA FINE ARTS Booth No. B01 Venue: Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall One NO.5, Hsin-Yi Rd., Sec 5, Taipei City 11011, Taiwan ..

Open Studio 201423-Oct-2014

DATES: Thursday, October 23rd, 6 - 10 pm ( opening night ) Friday, October 24th, 6 - 9pm Saturday, October 25th, 1 - 6pm Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Yuken Teruya Studio (room #804) 323 W. 39th Street, New York, NY 10018 ..

YUKEN TERUYA: ON OKINAWA, Collections from the past and the future23-Sep-2014

Humboldt Lab Dahlem Project ( Dahlem Ethnological Museum/Asian Art Museum Staache Museen zu Berlin Lansstrase 8 14195 Berlin SEPTEMBER 23, 2014 TO FEBRUARY 8, 2015 ..

Go-Betweens: The World Seen through Children

Group Exhibition Touring Schedule Nagoya City Museum: November 8 - December 23, 2014 Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum: January 16 - March 15, 2015 The Museum of Art, Kochi: April 5 - June 7, 2015..

Solo Exhibition in London06-Sep-2013

We are very excited about Yuken's first solo exhibition in London. at Pippy Houldsworth Gallery Opening on September 6th, 2013. Please drop by if you are around. ロンドンにて初個展のお知らせです。 9月6日のオープニングには作家も在廊の予定ですので、 是非お越し下さい。 Pip..

Ichihanari Art Project03-Aug-2013

2013イチハナリアートプロジェクト 期 間:2013/08/03 (Sat) - 09/01 (Sun) 場 所:旧伊計小中学校跡地ほか伊計集落内(沖縄) 時 間:10:00-18:00 (Fri-Sun 10:00-19:00) (https:..

July News10-Jul-2013

Yuken Teruya July News 7/13 : two people exhibition @ Gallery Momogusa 7/13: Compass exhibition @ Camp Talganie 7/20: Group Exhibition "Site" @ Hiroshima MOCA

Group show PAPER18-Jun-2013

We are please to announce that Yuken is participating the group show, PAPER ( at Saatchi Gallery in London. Opens on June 18th through September 29th. Please stop by if you are around. 現在、ロンドンにあるサーチ・ギャラリーにて行..

Art Basel Hong Kong 23-May-2013

ART BASEL HONG KONG We are happy to announce Yuken will be participating Art Basel Hong Kong in INSIGHT sector. Date: 5/23~26 Private Viewing: 5/22 At: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center More information here: http://www.ycassoci..


「小さな世界へようこそ」展 - 高松市美術館 小さなもの。例えば、指や首元でキラキラと輝くジュエリー、パソコンなみの機能をもつ携帯電話、工芸品のように精巧に作られたお菓子。豊かな内容がぎゅっと凝縮されたこれら小さなものは、私たちの心をとらえてやみません。 このたびの展覧会では、5人のゲスト・アーティストが「小さな世界」をテーマに、それぞれの作品と高松市美術館コレクションを組み合わせて、ユニークな展示空間の創出に挑みます。伊藤存(いとうぞん)は、小さなオブジェをしりとり形式でその名前順に多数並べていく《しりとりおきもの》約100点を出品。開発..

Cut n' Dry 03-Dec-2012

照屋勇賢個展 Cut n' Dry 紙袋作品「告知-森」に焦点を当てた個展、Cut n' Dryがオープンいたしました。 ユミコチバアソシエイツ主催 @Capsule/ Sunday yumiko chiba associates ( 同時開催 Folded Reflection @マキファインアーツ Maki Fine ..

Gallery Okinawa Solo Show 23-Nov-2012

I have a Dream at Gallery Okinawa We are very exited to announce there will be a solo exhibition of Yuken at ( Okinawa ( starting this month. It will be a show that focuses on one of Yuken's life works; seri..

Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto29-Sep-2012

Sky Over My Head Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto is celebrating 10th anniversary on 12th October with the commemorative exhibition: Sky over My Head. The CAMK started as a home for all in 2002. The artworks in this exhibit..

Biennale of Sydney!27-Jun-2012

We are very excited to announce Yuken is exhibiting at 18th Biennale of Sydney ( There will be his new series of work, Constellation exhibited in public for the first time, along with the big installation of Notice-Forest (http://www.yukenteruy..

OKINAWA ART in New York - Group exhibition20-Jun-2012

June 20th through July 27th We are excited to announce the opening of the group exhibition, OKINAWA ART in NY ( at the Nippon Club. It is a significant show as this is the first opportunity to show important modern/contempo..

A group exhibition NO OTHER MEDICINE20-Apr-2012

Yuken will be showing a new piece at a group exhibition NO OTHER MEDICINE (, opening on April 26th, Thursday. The opening reception is on the 26th from 6 to 9PM. Please stop by and say hello! where: NY Studio Gallery, 15..

Re-Encounters at 601 Artspace08-Mar-2012

We are very excited about this group show at 601 Artspace ( in Chelsea, New York. It is a very good show and we hope many people will have chances to see it. It is already opened and will run until 4/28. Don't miss it! 現在、チェルシーのギャラリー、601 Artspace (http://601artsp..

Group show at Contemporary Jewish Museum 12-Jan-2012

We are happy to announce that Yuken is participating the group show, "Do Not Destroy: Tree, Art, and Jewish Thought" ( opening on February 16th at Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. ..

happy 201205-Jan-2012

Happy New Year! We wish us all a happy, healthy, creative 2012.... 明けましておめでとうございます。本年もよろしくお願いいたします。 健康で創造力あふれる2012年を!..

Cycling Project Kadena21-Nov-2011

We are excited to announce that our ongoing project, Cycling Project Kadena has it's own website now! Please visit here ( We would love to hear the feedbacks. こつこつと暖めてきたプロジェクト、サイクリング・プロジェクト・KADENAのウェブサイト (が立ち上がりました。まだまだ..

Sprouts of Future: Support Japan with Art26-Sep-2011

Miraime Project + Yuken Teruya Studio started this new concept to support Japan. You may take part in the art project and give a little hand to the area that has been affected by the disaster. Please check this site ( out and join us. 未来の芽・里親プ..

Art Taipei!22-Aug-2011

New set of Notice-Forest, Astor Place, NYC will be exhibited at ART TAIPEI ( this coming weekend, 8/26th through 29th. Look for the booth of Sakshi Gallery (!..


横浜美術館 (の監修で、向かいの空き地が建設工事の間、工事現場を囲うその白い壁面を古今東西のアーティストたちの「名言」で飾ろうという「アーティストの言葉たち展 (」が開始しています。数会期に分けて、横浜美術館にゆかりのある美術家たちを中心に、約90名のアーティストたちの「ことば」に触れることができます。古いところではピカソやセザンヌの、創造力あふれた名言がよみがえる、楽しいプロジェクト。照屋勇賢の子供たちに贈った言葉も、掲載されます。 ..

Minding My Own Business06-Jul-2011

"Minding My Own Business" is on view in Maebashi City Museum of Literature ( The work will be contributed to the new Maebashi City Museum of Art, which Yuken was in an artist residency for. The money raised for this work is going to be donated to a..

Solo Show Opening 2/1911-Feb-2011

Yuken is opening his solo show journey at Shoshana Wayne Gallery ( in Santa Monica, CA. He is exhibiting his new Bingata dyed portraits series "Heroes" along with the recent video installation and spray painted works. ..

Website recognition28-Oct-2010

Our new website was chosen as one of top three favorite this month in Adobe newsletter. Thank you The Brandon Store ( for all the help! ..

Open Studio!13-Oct-2010

We are participating in efa Open Studio 2010 (, starting tomorrow, Thursday the Oct. 14th. Please stop by to see what we are up to!..