Collaboration with Okinawa Times


Yuken did a newspaper wrapping project with the Okinawa Times

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Bingata Dyed Kimono


Reflecting the realities within the sky above Okinawa

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All nations on one flag

Color The World

The artist's response to the experiences in New York right after the terror-attacks on September 11th, 2001

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sky portraits


Starry nights created in paper bags

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Toilet paper roll work series

Corner Forest

A group of branches cut out of toilet paper rolls makes a forest on a wall

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Are you above or below?


Are you above or below? A half-glass of water could be half empty or half full.

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Tools for butterfly habitats


Collaboration of butterfly and artificial objects

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Paradigm Shift


Ingredients: icing, gum, jelly, sponge cake, cereal, and cream

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Video installation series

Earn lots of money. No need to write any letters, Just send home the money first

Video work documenting Origami immigrant boats' journey on a street in Bushwick

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cut-out leaves and brass acorns

Federal Reserve

Central Park leaves become Monopoly

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Sketching Workshops in 2004

For the World to Come

Pizza boxes could be a way to communicate?

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Cut-out banknotes

Green Economy

Commission piece for a New York Times Magazine article "Building a Green Economy" written by Paul Krugman

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Bingata dyed portrait series


Heroes of Okinawa

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Bingata dyed portrait series

Heroes 2011

What is Hero?
Whose hero is it?

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Bingata dyed flags

I Have a Dream

Dr. King's speech continues to influence in various directions

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In a form we have no words for,
and you live in it

Full or empty?

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Cut-out newspaper installation

It's about me, it's about you

Looking through cut-out languages, traveling from Basque to Hebrew

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response to 3.11 disaster in Japan

Minding My Own Business

Let the new lives sprout from the window of the tragedy...

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Cut-Out Newspaper Series

Minding My Own Business
(The New York Times)

Yesterday’s articles are still growing

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Rolled up dollar sheets

Money Tree

Money doesn't grow on trees, but...

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cuts and folds on the classic game


Can you play?

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tagging sneaker box stencils

My Vote

Voting with flowers spray painted on the streets

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Fast Food Bags


A tree sculpted in a fast food bag

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Luxury bags


A tree sculpted in a luxury shopping bag

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traces of live branches

Rain Forest

Toilet paper roll forests hung from ceiling

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Bingata patterns flying above you

Scarlet Birds, Crimson Sky

Bingata dyed fabric on view with the stencils made from everyday commercial packages in Japan

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The all time favorite story

The Giving Tree Project

“Cut down my trunk and make a boat… Then you can sail away.” —Shel Silverstein

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Bingata dyed Kimono

You-I, You-I

Modern history of Okinawa is dyed on the kimono using traditional Okinawan dye technique

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